Out West, Wyoming


Out West, Wyoming


“Select a wall, choose an image and customize your space with a one of a kind Wallpaper”

$20 sq/ft
(pricing may vary depending on the size of your wall) - Contact Brown to get started.

Artist Contact:

+1 415 299 9742

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1. Measure Wall
 - Measure the height and width of your wall. Please be as exact as possible. These are the numbers that my printer will work with, so they are essential for sizing the mural for your space. Email your measurements to brown@cannonphotography.com
2. Send Photos
- Photograph your wall. Find the middle of the wall and shoot straight on. Please include the entire wall with some extra space on all sides. Email your photos to brown@cannonphotography.com
3. Select Image
 - Choose your favorite images from Brown’s website.
4. Mockup
 - A mockup of your wall will be made using your photos, measurements and selected images.
5. Approval
 - Approve the image and crop.
6. Wallpaper Hanger
- Schedule your wallpaper hanger. Brown has a couple of great recommendations in Oregon and Colorado. The better your paper hanger, the better your results!
7. Prep Wall
- For the best results make sure that the wall surface is as flat and consistent as possible. Bumps and texture will show through the paper. Your wallpaper hanger will let you know if adding a skim coat is necessary or if you wall is good to go.
8. Delivery 
- Murals are shipped to you in a heavy duty 6 inch tube. They are scrutinized prior to packaging and will be delivered in flawless condition. The number of panels you receive will depend on the size of your wall. Panels vary from 42” to 54" wide. Although it will be tempting, do not open the tube until your wallpaper hanger is ready to install.
9. Payment -
Once received you will be billed for the mural and shipping. From this point forward it is the job of the installer to handle and to manage the installation. In the event that a panel is damaged, creased, scratched or torn you can reorder the damaged section at your cost.
10. Installation -
Installation will be the same as if you were installing wallpaper. The panels will have approximately 2”of image overlap so it is essential that your hanger double cuts in order to match the image as closely as possible. If your wallpaper hanger needs guidance contact Brown.
11. Enjoy the heck out of your custom one of a kind space!